Post Installation Steps: Summary

The following is a summary of the settings that must be followed after installation, according to the needs of the organization.

Each setting is detailed in more detail in the following topics.

  1. Set up system settings such as whether or not to allow receiving files from the customer and the maximum number of conversations an agent can handle at the same time
  2. Set up channels in which the service will be provided (Facebook, WebChat, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp).

If a particular channel has different pages that are supposed to redirect conversations to different users, set up a separate channel for each page (for example, conversations in different pages in a web site can be routed according to business case such as service or sales, or by language)

  1. Set up different hours of operation for each channel that has a different hours of activity in which agents are answering customers
  2. If necessary, set a question to be displayed by the bot before forwarding the conversation to the queue according to the answer and assign it to the channel.

Note: You can define a follow-up question for each answer, and if there are no more questions, you can define which queue the conversation will be routed to, or it will be moved to the default destination queue assigned to the channel

  1. Set up templates for quick reply and assign them to channels where they can be selected
  2. Set up the various users and assign them appropriate security roles:
    1. SimpleChat Agent security role for all agents who are waiting for conversations
    2. SimpleChat Manager security role for all managers who monitors activity
    3. SimpleChat Admin security role for users who update general definitions, channels, templates, questions and answers.
  3. Define teams to which conversations will be routed from different channels, such as by business case or language, and assign them a SimpleChat Agent role (Note: Without assigning the role, routing conversations to team queues will fail)
  4. Associate the agents with the relevant teams

Note: When setting up a team, a queue is automatically set up as well, and each member of the team will automatically be associated with the team's queue

  1. Adjust the SimpleChat Conversation entity form according to your organization's needs
  2. Make additional adjustments according to the business processes in the organization using the workflow engine, such as OTP identification, automatic conversation association to a case, automatic closing of conversations in which the customer does not respond, etc.