General SimpleChat® Settings

When installing the add-in solution the system automatically creates a single SimpleChat Configuration entry record.

To update general system settings:

  1. From the Settings menu, select SimpleChat Configuration under the SimpleChat section
  2. Open the single SimpleChat Configuration record that is displayed in the list

The record holds the connection details to the SimpleChat server in the Server and Port fields.

In addition, it is possible to define for all channels and all the agents:

  1. Max Per Agent: The maximum number of conversations that can be routed to a representative at the same time (that is displayed in the conversation pane).

The default setting is 5.

  1. Outgoing Protocol: protocol from CRM to the SimpleChat service, HTTP or HTTPS
  2. Route: which activities will be routed to the To Do pane, SimpleChat Conversations Only or All Types of Activities.

If All Types of Activities is selected, the routing engine will route any queue item associated to any type of activity, and the activity card will be displayed on the agent's To Do pane

  1. File Type Limitations: File types that a customer can upload: extensions that are allowed, extensions that are blocked, or do not limited
  2. Extensions: Extensions that will be allowed or blocked separated with commas
  3. Invalid File Message: The error message that will be displayed to a customer attempting to send a file with an invalid extension
  4. Store Conversation Transcript in SimpleChat: When a conversation is completed and this option is selected, the text will be saved in the SimpleChat servers
  5. Store Conversation Transcript in Dynamics 365: When a conversation is completed and this option is selected, the text will be saved as a file attachment under the conversation

Other fields not shown in the form:

  1. Client Port: Port used by SimpleChat client components to access the SimpleChat services
  2. Token Duration: The Token duration used for SSO. Default is 24 hours if not set