Additional Business Logic Extensions

Below are some examples of possible business logic that can be applied to adjust the work processes to meet specific organization needs, using the SimpleChat SDK

  1. A workflow that sends the customer a link to a privacy statement
  2. A workflow that sends the customer a link to an article according to the More Info Link field in the selected customer's reply to a SimpleChat question
  3. A workflow that sends a request to type an identifier such as an e-mail and according to it locates and fills the contact
  4. A workflow that sends an OTP code to the customer, waits for a reply from the customer and then compares it with the code that was sent
  5. A workflow to associate the activity with an existing open case or to create a new case (using a custom workflow step to locate the case), including defining the subject of the case from the subject of the conversation, the channel, or the customer's reply to a SimpleChat question
  6. A workflow to route a newly created conversation to a queue according to business specific logic such as whether or not the customer is a VIP (instead of the built-in mechanism)
  7. A workflow to fill a due date of a newly created conversation according to business specific logic. Controls how the conversation will be prioritized (neutralizes the built-in mechanism)
  8. A workflow that displays information from the system to the customer (information from the customer profile, from the related case, etc.)
  9. A workflow in status Waiting for Available Agent that sends the customer a message such as "All agents are currently busy, please wait ..."
  10. A workflow to close the conversation as Customer Didn't Respond if a customer did not answer and a threshold time to wait for a reply expired
  11. A workflow that sends the customer a request to send his location in Facebook Messenger channel, waits for the customer to send his location (received as text) and then runs logic to locate and send the nearest branches to the customer
  12. A workflow when an email is received that generates a queue item that is linked to the activity and as a result the email is automatically routed to a free agent in the queue that is defined in the item, and the activity will pop up in the To Do pane for the selected agent
  13. A workflow when a new phone call activity is created that generates a queue item that is linked to the activity and the agent to which the call was routed in the telephony system is already defined in the queue item, so the activity is immediately displayed to that agent in the To Do panel without going through the routing mechanism to find a free agent
  14. Plugin when a conversation is created that identifies the customer using business specific logic instead of the built-in logic which is based on the customer profile.

Important: the custom logic must mark the Customer Identification field to disable the built-in logic, and the plugin must be implemented before step 100 in execution pipeline in order to run before the built-in logic

  1. Plugin when a chat conversation is created from the personal area in the web site that applies logic to locate the customer according to Caller Name and fill in the Conversation With
  2. Add a Divert to SMS button that is displayed for conversation in Chat channel and when clicked an SMS conversation with the same customer opens up. Allows continuation of conversation if customer was disconnected in the chat channel (i.e. if browser was closed)
  3. Define a JavaScript that pops up a URL when a customer selects a specific answer to the question, depending on the answer that is selected